Welcome to the Settlement Website for the [24]7 Class Settlement

If you were notified of a Data Incident involving online shopping at Best Buy in 2017, you may be entitled to benefits from a settlement.

A class action settlement has been reached under which your rights may be affected. The proposed Settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California titled Ford et al. v. [24]7.ai, Inc., Case No. 5:18-cv-02770-BLF. On August 9, 2021, the Court preliminarily approved the Settlement.

If you are a Settlement Class Member, you may be entitled to reimbursement under the terms of the Settlement. If you are a Settlement Class Member and you wished to file a claim, object to the Settlement, or exclude yourself from the Settlement, you must have done so following the procedures outlined in the Court-approved Settlement Notice, which are also described below. Your legal rights will be affected whether you did or did not act.

What is this about?

The Class Representatives filed a complaint against [24]7.ai, Inc. (“[24]7”). The complaint alleges that, in the fall of 2017, [24]7 was the target of a criminal cyberattack in which third-party criminals potentially obtained the payment card data (“PCD”) and other personally identifiable information (“PII”) of Plaintiffs and Settlement Class Members while they shopped on Best Buy’s, Sears’, and other companies’ websites (the “Data Incident”). Plaintiffs further allege that [24]7 failed to provide timely, accurate, and adequate notice to Plaintiffs and Settlement Class Members that their PCD and PII (collectively, “Customer Data”) had been potentially compromised as a result of the Data Incident.

Following the Data Incident, [24]7 maintains it cooperated with Best Buy Co., Inc. (“Best Buy”), who notified approximately 369,116 individuals that their Customer Data may have been impacted by the Data Incident. [24]7 denies each and all of the claims and contentions alleged against it in the Litigation. The Court has not made any ruling on the ultimate merits of this case. The Class Representatives and [24]7 have agreed to settle the Action, subject to the approval of the Court.

Who is included in the Settlement Class?

If you were mailed notification by Best Buy of the Data Incident perpetrated on [24]7 in the fall of 2017, you are a Settlement Class Member.

What does the Settlement provide?

If the Court grants Final Approval of the proposed Settlement, Settlement Class Members can obtain several valuable benefits, which are summarized below and described in greater detail in FAQ 8.

  1. [24]7 will provide reimbursement of certain documented out-of-pocket expenses, not to exceed $2,000 per Settlement Class Member; and
  2. [24]7 will provide compensation for time spent dealing with the Data Incident (calculated at the rate of $20 per hour), up to three hours if the Settlement Class Member attests to the time spent and up to an additional two hours if the Settlement Class Member can provide documentation of the additional two hours.

[24]7 will also pay for the cost of notice and claims administration, attorneys’ fees and expenses, and incentive awards for named Plaintiffs.

Your Legal Rights and Options in This Settlement
Action Explanation Deadline
Submit a Claim Form To obtain benefits under the Settlement, Settlement Class Members must have submitted a valid claim online or postmarked (if submitted by mail) by December 22, 2021. December 22, 2021
Exclude Yourself If you chose to exclude yourself (opt-out) from the Settlement, you were not included in the Settlement, and will retain any right you currently have to sue [24]7. Requests for exclusion must have been postmarked on or before November 22, 2021. November 22, 2021
Object Settlement Class Members had the opportunity to object to the Settlement. For more information about objecting to the Settlement, see FAQ 20. If you objected, you will still be eligible to receive benefits under the Settlement provided that you filed a valid and timely claim. November 22, 2021
Attend a Hearing Ask to speak to the Court about the fairness of the Settlement. Deadline to file a Notice of Appearance: November 22, 2021
Do Nothing Get no Settlement benefits. Give up your legal rights.  

These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained further on the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website.